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Bringing up Children V’s Being a Good Salesperson?

July 28, 2015 | By Colin | 4 Comments | Filed in: Musings and Ideas for Discussion, Thought Leadership.

Have you ever thought of the similarities between these two? Between children and customers? Just as an example: Try shouting at a baby/child to make him/her do something. Try shouting at a customer to get him/her to buy your goods/services. Same result? Why’s that? Your comments please.

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Jillian 22a – Potty Mouth

June 29, 2015 | By Colin | No Comments | Filed in: Our Jillian.

How Jillian and her Mum Hit The Town and Learned a Few Choice New Expressions and so Much More! Show-time in Melbourne Some time ago, now (must have been mid to late 70’s) Jillian was in Melbourne with her mother. It was the first time Nancy had been in the big smoke. Any big smoke. • Read More »

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An open letter to Mr James Patterson.

May 8, 2015 | By Colin | 3 Comments | Filed in: Musings and Ideas for Discussion, Thought Leadership, Writing.

The other night in Melbourne, Australia (May 6th 2015), I went to see you at the Atheneum theatre. I was enthralled. You were awesome, and you were personally inspiring. I loved your relaxed laid-back (Australian?) attitude. I loved your answers to the interviewer’s questions. I loved how you extended the questions from the audience and • Read More »

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