Mansfield Gig Guide

What's on in Mansfield, Victoria, Australia.

"The Mansfield Gig Guide" is your guideMansfield Gig Guide to all things musical happening in the wider shire of Mansfield and a tad beyond. Updated weekly. On Friday before lunch, Melbourne Australia time.

Look for links to Facebook pages, websites etc of venues, and bands.

Not to forget tour information, available CD's and anything else I can find.

The guide itself will be in pdf and jpg form and can be downloaded to be added to your Kindle, sent to your tablet of smartphone, or printed out, so you have the info with you and don't miss out on anything.

We have a NEW web page under construction at and this will be fantastic when completed.

Information for the week beginning Friday July 19th, 2019.

Download file at link below

Mansfield Gig Guide 19-07-19

Gig Guide 19-07-19