Jillian 7 – Aftermath

January 15, 2015 | By Colin | Filed in: Our Jillian.

Well I have now had a little chat with the lady, and we have reached a kind of understanding. Soon not yet, I am going to be able to continue our saga. She needs a bit more time apparently, not sure why but …

A cupla new rules. I have to check stuff with her before publication, and she can correct any errors of fact. Or obvious memory lapses on my part. (not sure about that because as we all know memory is very subjective and she may remember things differently from me). If that happens I'll deal with it at the time. Since this is a transition piece we'll keep it to ourselves? OK?

In another few days (week maybe) we will be good to go again. I'm getting a kick out of this journey and so are you as far as I can tell. (Feel free to comment - I'm sure Jillian would love to hear how you are enjoying her story.)

Anyway we chatted about a few things particularly about her tendency to over-react. Yes she was correct I did miss out a couple of places on the list - notably USA and NZ. And I should have remembered as I do make a habit of asking travellers the best and worst experiences that have had on their trips as it seems to be a much more interesting question and is easier to answer than, "Tell me about it." or "Where did you go?" Way more fascinating answers as well.

And OK, I had already asked Jillian this in one of our conversations and knew the responses had included USA, NZ and India too, but we won't tell her about missing that one yet.

You'll hear about these in the not too distant future.

Just a an aside, it came up that part of the name thing seemed to be linked to the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme (interestingly enough early versions of this did sometimes contain the name spelled Gill). Anyway kids used to tease her about breaking Jack's crown or something - she couldn't quite remember, and as she grew up people kept shortening Jillian to Jill. She didn't like that. And of course that NEVER happened to girls called Gillian, did it? - See above!!!

Over-reacting? What is that all about?


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  1. Initially, I believed your headline was misleading, but you actually delivered. Nice job.

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