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February 25, 2015 | By Colin | Filed in: Our Jillian.

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We've never talked much about family here, but Jillian has one brother and one sister.

I can remember two things she told me about her brother. He was a bit of a wild one. I'd like to say his name was Jack or John, but that would be too trite. He is really called Robert, or Rob, or Bob. I like Bob, so for our purposes he'll be  Bob.

Once when they lived next door to a butcher's shop in a rented property (I remember the shop had a sign saying "Free Meat Tomorrow." and you can imagine the problems that caused the blue rinse set. Didn't get the joke, did they?)

Anyway, one day Jillian and her mother came home to a God awful row coming from the back yard of their home.

Seems while they were away Bob had invited a friend around to try out his new dirt bike. Only a little 100cc job not much of a bike really, but it was dirty and did have the pre-requisite knobbly tyres.

dirt bikeBob and his mate were doing circuits around the back yard. It seemed they hadn't noticed that the bike had gouged a huge circular trench in the lawn and the few flower beds that surrounded this grass (it really wasn't good enough to be called a lawn even before this event) and followed the fence line. Of course, since nothing is created or destroyed the evidence of their fun was all over - great huge clods of it - the rest of the lawn, the wooden fence and the side of the house. It was a monumental mess.

My memory is a tad hazy about what happened next. Probably selective recall, 'cause it would not have been pretty. Jillian's mother was a highly strung individual.

The family moved from there soon after. Wonder why?

The next spot for this exciting family (Jillian was not impressed with this one either) was a larger property on a steeply sloping block which went down to a mostly dry river. Well, OK a creek. Bob used to shoot rats down there from the back door , but that is another story.

At the back of the house a few meters from the kitchen was a brick and concrete retaining wall.

There was awasp nest wasp nest in the soil behind the wall. It was too deep to dig out. Down near the bottom of the wall.

So Bob in an heroic effort to remove this nest for his mother had devised a devlish scheme. In school he had learned that calcium carbide and water made an explosive gas - acetylene.

Where he obtained the CaC2 we did not ask.

A narrow metal tube about 2 feet long was hammered into the dirt behind the wall and filled with the aforementioned chemical. Water was poured down the tube and a little while later when the violence of the reaction slowed down, a lighted match or two were dropped down the tube.

The resulting explosion fixed the wasp nest.

It also blew out the kitchen window and all but destroyed the retaining wall. There were bits of concrete/brick wall, glass, wasp nest, soil and small pieces of rock all over the place.

Job done Bob.


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