Colin Rochford is a Life coach, teacher, training course developer - administrator and presenter. As well he is a public speaker, radio announcer, writer, published author, actor, theatre director, traveller, and volunteer.

Also, I am an avid reader and have some sailing experience (I crewed on the tall ship Enterprize in Melbourne Australia). My ultimate goal is to run a business from a 52 foot motor yacht somewhere in the world. When I am not reading my kindle in the sun on the deck with a long, cool glass of expensive champagne. And chocolate, of course.


Currently I live a retired lifestyle in Mansfield,  my home town in country Victoria,  Australia, where I am actively involved on several committees. I am a presenter on the local radio station, and volunteer in the community. Add to that reading and writing book reviews - mainly for Indie authors, writing, and travelling; and I am a very busy chap.


In addition, I promote a series of free lifestyle master-classes on a monthly basis at the Mansfield Library. These involve: Learning to live life to its fullest – at any age. Stuff you never knew you wanted OR needed to know. Getting answers to some of life’s greatest mysteries, and meeting new people and sharing ideas.

Furthermore, helping people travel more for less is part of my desire to make a difference to the lives of those around me.

Finally, at 69 my career highlight is still to come. I get better and better every day.

Thanks. Enjoy.

Remember: "... for there is nothing either good or bad - but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare - Hamlet Act II, Scene II, Pg 11.